Cereals Galore and More at the Cerealicious Cafe!

After a long time of hearing about, and passing by, several Cerealicious branches, I finally got to eat there! I've been wanting to for so long, actually, but was waiting for a good time when my kids are with me because they're the ones really crazy about cereals.

Then I found out that, aside from cereal bowls with cool-sounding names, Cerealicious Cafe has started offering rice and pasta meals for customers who want more filling fare. Last week, I got to try out several dishes at the Megamall branch and the food are all yummy! What's more, the prices are very affordable!

I love their pasta with pesto sauce. It's not too strong and is just right for my taste buds. I also found the seafood pasta superb because the shrimps are soft but firm while the sauce is very delicious. It's hard to decide what's the best pasta because the other one with the white sauce also vied for my taste-buds' attention. Is it getting obvious yet that I'm a pasta lover? :)

And then there were the dishes with rice. The shrimps covered in crushed corn flakes are crunchy and yummy. I also like the chicken (?) and veggie dish mixed with a creamy sauce topped with rice crispies and a sprinkling of paprika powder. I didn't think that such a combination could be so delicious but it was! I was too full by then to try the chicken cordon bleu and the burger patties with sauce so I wasn't able to try those. I was saving some tummy space for dessert :p

Of course, a visit to Cerealicious wouldn't be complete without having one of their famous cereal bowls. It was difficult to pick one because there are so many variants that all look scrumptious. But since I am fond of corn flakes, graham crackers, and peaches, I finally settled on having Erin Brocko-peach. I can't remember their exact orders but I think some of my eating buddies chose Hurt Loacker, Nutting Hill, I-rone Man, and Pirates of the Cadbury-ean

It's really amazing how the owners continuously come up with creative names for their blockbuster products. I enjoyed browsing the menu and spotting what else have very interesting-sounding names. Now, I'm more excited to visit one of the Cerealicious branches with my boys because it would probably be very funny watching them think hard about what cereal bowl to order.

30 types of cereals + 50 kinds of toppings + Snow Milk = Cerealicious Fun!

At the moment, Cerealicious Cafe offers the complete line of meals in four branches: Megamall, Katipunan, Taft, and BF Las Pinas. But you can still indulge in the comforting goodness of a Cerealicious bowl in all their other branches. Like them on Facebook to be updated of upcoming promos and to find out where's the Cerealicious branch nearest you.
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