Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Music Video Launch of Hey Daydreamer by Someday Dream

Edit Dec. 2: Latest news about Somedaydream here. You can also win something autographed by Rez himself if you join the giveaway :)

I like music and I often discover new cool songs through my kids. They were the ones who introduced me to Hale and Owl City among other talented artists. Sometimes, they also get to like the kind of music their dad and I play on the radio. It's a nice give-and-take situation.

Photos borrowed from Jeman Villanueva

Anyway, I was invited by a blogger friend to attend Someday Dream's music video launch at Capones, A. Venue Mall Makati a few hours ago. Busy mom that I am, I haven't had the luxury of listening to local radio stations lately and missed hearing a very nice song called Hey Daydreamer. I immediately liked it when the band, Someday Dream, played it live. The melody is very catchy.

I heard that they already have a large following based on the fans that came early to ask for autographs and have their photos taken with the band members. I'm not surprised. Rez, the vocalist is very charming. He actually reminded me of my oldest son because they have the same built and slightly similar facial features. 

Aside from the live performances, we also got to watch the music video of Hey Daydreamer which will be aired for the first time on MYX this coming Sunday. To hear what the song sounds like, here's a fan-made video I saw on YouTube:

Search for the official video after the Sunday airing. Most likely, it will be uploaded soon :)

On a side note, my kids were ultra jealous when they found out where I've been because I met Champ Lui Pio (of Hale) there who happens to be one of their favorite singers :p

*Note: I now know that I should have typed Somedaydream instead of Someday Dream but I'm not changing the original entry because new fans keep finding this blog post when they use the latter as their search keyword :)
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