Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doomed by the Broom

I like a clean house. Who doesn’t? My problem is, when I use any of these:

I end up with these

I haven’t been properly diagnosed by an allergy specialist but, given the chronic sneezing and sniffles that follow after I finish sweeping the floor or cleaning the dust off furniture all these years, I highly suspect I have dust allergy. I always (and I mean, always!) end up with a red nose and teary eyes after I’m done cleaning. My skin would also start sporting red, itchy patches so I have to be quick to jump in the shower right after I’m done with sweeping and dusting.

It gets worse when I have to scrape dirt off the carpet and clean the floor under our beds. Don’t you find it irritating getting down on all fours and trying to sweep all those dust and dirt toward the dustpan (and towards yourself) so you can get them all out? I do! 

So yes, I need change. I want to start the doom of the broom. I need help! I’d definitely love to find out how an Electrolux Dynamica vacuum cleaner could transform my cleaning ways for the better.
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