So ... Who's the Big Bad Wolf?

I'm not telling! :p

I watched Red Riding Hood and found it challenging to guess who the real werewolf is. Amanda Seyfried stars as Valerie, a beautiful young woman who lives in a remote village where moonlight sacrifices continue to be practiced and where mystery lurks in every corner.

She has been betrothed to Henry (Max Irons), a blacksmith who can give her a good future, but she is in love with Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), the woodcutter her parents don't approve of.

Valerie's internal turmoil was further complicated by the death of a family member, the villagers' thirst for vengeance, and the arrival of a priest who claims to know how to get rid of the wolf once and for all.

This movie also stars Billy Burke as Cesaire and Virginia Madsen as Suzette, Valerie's parents; Julie Kristie as Valerie's grandmother and Gary Oldman as the intimidating Father Solomon who acted more like a vigilante wolf hunter than a priest.

I liked how the production team was able to create an other-worldly place where you can almost feel the cold wind blowing and the people's heightened sense of dread every time darkness falls. It's also clever how viewers are kept wondering who the villain is as long as possible.

What I didn't like much about this film though is how the panning motion of the camera over a large expanse of scenery during the start made me quite dizzy. I'm glad I got to regain some sort of equilibrium later to follow the story better. I'm also quite not satisfied with the ending although my husband said he's okay with it.

If you're wondering if the story is as scary as the trailer intimates it to be, it's actually not. Although there were some parts that would shake you a little bit, in general, it's more of a love story, drama, action, and mystery rolled into one. But, and it's a big BUT! It is not recommended for very little children. I had the unfortunate experience of sitting in front of two sets of parents who brought preschoolers along who kept on asking numerous questions all throughout the movie. Moms and dads, this Red Riding Hood version is NOT a fairytale, okay?

Catch Red Riding Hood in cinemas starting March 11 in all Philippine cinemas to see what the fuss is all about ...

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