Monday, March 28, 2011

On Special Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements

People who know my family are aware that I have a child with special needs. My third son has cerebral palsy and is 100% tube-fed. He "eats" via a Bard button that was surgically placed on his tummy several years ago. We feed him blenderized food and specially formulated food supplements using extension tubes, feeding bags and a feeding pump.

I am fortunate to have found an international support group where a lot of members (mostly from the US)  generously share their excess medical supplies with other families. My son has received some of those blessings in the form of tube-feeding supplies, formulas, and medical equipment. What I am always on the look out for though are nutritional supplements that would provide more calories to my son's diet in addition to his regular food intake.

Of all those that we've tried, we've found that his stomach can tolerate Polycose and  Duocal which are not available locally. When our supplies run out, it could take months before we get a new batch depending on availability from donors and my capability to pay for the shipping fees within the continental US.

I was happy to find out that a low-sugar, high-protein nutritional drink called Resurgex Select™ was launched in the Philippines a few weeks ago. It's actually marketed mainly as a supplement for cancer patients but can also be taken by patients with nutritional issues like my son.

I was not able to attend the event but the organizers graciously gave me some samples to try. So far, we've used two of the sachets and I'm glad to note that Resurgex seems to agree with his tummy. I love the strawberry smell although I find the powder hard to dissolve in water. I have to stir for a long time before all the little balls of powder that formed here and there would finally disappear.

For more information on Resurgex, please click here to read the press release and product description.
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