The Fight Against Body Aging

I believe I am in pretty good shape because I don’t get sick easily. However, I must confess that I still have lots of things to improve in the health regimen area. According to Mead Johnson Nutrition, 70% or 7 out of 10 Filipino adults have bodies that are aging faster than they should. I didn’t want to consider myself among that high statistic but, I just found out, I do!

Recently, I took the Body Age Test during a Sustagen Premium event. According to the result, my body age is one year older than my biological age. That was a wake-up call :S

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Last year, Youthopia Media Philippines, Inc. conducted the test among 6,000 adults with ages ranging from 30 to 50 years old. That was where the 70% stat came from. The method they used is taken from scientifically validated technology in the U.S. The test calculates the body’s reaction to paced breathing and compares this to predicted values taken from a large normative database. This database is comprised of data from various countries created in collaboration with reputable academic organizations.

And because body age is one indication of a person’s health status, Mead Johnson and its spokesperson, Gabby Concepcion, have taken steps to promote the fight against body aging.

Gabby, who looks like he hasn’t aged much since his teen heartthrob days in the ‘80s, urges everyone to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise, proper diet, regular visits to the doctor, and to generally enjoy life. He confirms that his body age is younger than his biological age and that he drinks Sustagen Premium with the Multi-Defense System three or more times a day to supplement his diet and help him maintain his young body age.

Wanna know what your body age is? Visit for schedules on where and when you can take the test too. And for tips on fighting body aging, please visit my other blog to read more about the Multi Defense Solution.
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