Friday, February 04, 2011

Jollibee Delivery Now Just a Click Away!

If you’re like me who has to be in front of the computer a good part of the day, (that is, if I’m not out covering media events, doing household chores and errands, or catching up on much needed sleep) chances are, you also try to accomplish as many tasks as possible while online.

For instance, I seldom call my bank’s hotline anymore to do my transactions because I find it easier to log on their website and do my banking via the internet. I also sometimes forget to check my mobile phone for messages when I’m engrossed with beating a deadline but am instantly alerted when people send me urgent messages through email. I also use Chikka every now and then instead of standing up and retrieving my phone from my bag or the bedroom to send texts.

I moreover doubt if people check the yellow pages these days or wait for a TV commercial to air just to be able to recall certain details about products and services. Almost everything we want to know – company addresses and contact details, maps and directions to venues, prices of stuff, schedules of various events etc. etc. – are easily accessible through the World Wide Web.

The same goes for Jollibee products. Now, we no longer have to pick up the phone and call for delivery service. Just go online and access the Jollibee Delivery website, make a few clicks, and wait for food to be delivered to your doorstep! Now, ain’t that as easy as (peach mango) pie? :)

BTW, if you register an account at the Jollibee’s Online Delivery website between now and the end of February, you might just win a yummy feast for your family or barkada! Read the contest mechanics here.
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