Sunday, January 16, 2011

"I Love My Planet Earth" Room in Museo Pambata

I am very conscious about helping save our planet from eventual destruction. As much as we can, my family and I practice proper waste segregation, bring reusable canvas bags when grocery shopping, and save water and electricity, among other things. 

Thus, I am always glad to support people and organizations that also advocate for this cause. After all, if we don't start caring for our environment today, what kind of world will we be leaving our children and the future generations with?

Last Friday, Museo Pambata re-opened its Science Through Discovery theme room and filled it with more exciting, very colorful, and fun interactive exhibits aimed to help kids and adults alike understand the many factors that affect climate change. The room, called "I Love My Planet Earth," introduces environmental concepts in simple terms without the complicated jargon.

According to Ms. Nina Lim-Yuson, President and CEO of Museo Pambata, the hands-on exhibits explain basic science concepts on environmental concerns and how one can help make the world a better place to live in through the protection and conservation of our resources. She explains, "It is not enough to tell children that they have to take care of their environment. We can add fun in these learning activities. This way, they understand better and appreciate our environment as a lifetime commitment." I totally agree! 

The room features games such as a floor board activity that explores the different ways children can reduce their carbon footprints. There are also interactive exhibits tackling the importance of having clean air and water. In one area are different scenes from a typical Filipino home comparing the then and now, or how life was simpler and less harmful to the environment many years ago.

Guests were each given a guidebook and poster-checklist on saving the planet to encourage them to join the campaign by being good role models to the youth. The guidebook explains and expands on the concepts presented in the exhibits through suggested sit-down written activities and experiments. This publication will be distributed for free to all museum visitors.

The room's renovation was made possible through a grant from Motorola Foundation USA, which supports  educational programs on science and technology, particularly how children and adults should  learn to be responsible in taking care of the Earth.

For more information about Museo Pambata, log on to their website or call 523-1797 to 98. You can also check out my full-length review of this wonderful place for children which was published last year at

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