Jollibee’s Kids Who Can Concert a Resounding Success!

Most times I see a hundred kids or so doing various performances live are during my kids’ school programs. Still, those activities would usually feature a limited number of talents depending on the school’s theme. For instance, Field Demo day often showcases kids dancing and cheering and accompanied by currently popular songs while a singing competition has kids wowing the audiences with their vocal prowess.

Last Saturday’s Kids Who Can concert at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium featuring Jollibee Kids Club members was different. It was awesome in such a way that we got to see so many great kinds of talent under one roof! There were kids who sang and kids who danced to different beats (ballet, rock, pop, etc.), kids who rapped, kids who did acrobatic moves, and even two kids who performed graceful movements up in the air while secured to seemingly flimsy strings!

While my son and I enjoyed watching the performances on stage or on the big screens, (with me singing along several times :p), I repeatedly got that feeling of Pinoy pride seeing such a lot of talented Filipino kids being given the chance to shine. They were all that good!

Despite the threat of Typhoon Juan looming over Metro Manila, the venue was jam-packed with excited kids and their parents. Before the show proper started, some of the young members of the audience even got to join fun parlor games.

The concert, hosted by a very engaging Nikki Gil with the help of several Jollibee Kids Club members, featured exciting individual and group performances by Jollibee, Hetty, Popo, Yum, and Twirlie. Celebrities Sam Concepcion and Andi Eigenmann also graced the event with their own numbers.

The spotlight focus and cheerful rounds of applause for the JKC members after each presentation were definitely well-deserved because they really devoted weeks to prepare for the big night. It was evident from their wonderful performances that their mentors have done their jobs well.

By holding such a spectacular showcase of talent, Jollibee Kids Club hopes to inspire more young and gifted children to find time to develop their skills and become well-rounded individuals as they grow up and have fun alongside Jollibee.

Personally, I’d like to congratulate the supportive parents who helped their kids reach their potentials. And to all you young people who gave your all during the concert --- YOU KIDS ROCK! :) Keep on shining and being an inspiration to fellow Filipino children.

*If your children are not yet members of JKC, you can enroll them in select Jollibee branches and expect more exciting and enriching events like this.
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