Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reasons to Buy MoneySense magazine's Sept-Oct issue

Hi everyone! Learn more about handling your personal finances from MoneySense magazine's September-October issue. There are so many (and I mean MANY!) tips and advice inside that I guarantee you'll find very useful.

I wrote the cover story on Sir Francis Kong and I really came out of the interview very much encouraged and inspired from the numerous things he shared. I'm sure you'll also have some "light bulb moments" when you read the article.

Also inside this issue are sound tips from Piolo Pascual on how to secure one's financial future. I enjoyed interviewing him because he was so articulate and very, very charming ;-)

Here's a rundown of articles I wrote for this issue:

"Health Insurance Designed for Women" p. 12
"Agnes Reyes: An Entrepreneur, Then and Now" pp. 38-39
Cover Story "Francis J. Kong: Inspiring Excellence" pp. 42-45
"Home for the Active Retirees" p. 52
"Travel Tipid Tips" pp. 78-79
"Piolo Pascual on Securing Your Financial Future" p. 80

I'm promoting this mag not just because I write for it, but because it is also my advocacy to help fellow Filipinos realize that we all need to let go of the mindset that we have to work so we can spend. Maybe, just maybe, if everyone makes a 360 degree turn to being more conscious about how we manage money for our and our families' future, it would also make a difference in improving the Philippines as a whole.
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