Sunday, September 05, 2010

"Pagbabago" (Changes)

Every time I encounter discussions about life changes, I always think that becoming a mom remains the biggest change that has happened to mine.

I owe a lot to my kids who I am today.  Because of them, I have more reasons to strive harder and become the best wife and mother I could be. Because of them, I learned to speak up against injustices. Because of them, I also keep desiring better things for my country and the world.

When I read about Goldilocks' contest at the Nuffnang website, a lot of memories suddenly rushed in. I remembered the very first Goldilocks cake my husband and I bought together for our firstborn's first birthday. That was a long time ago. Early this year, that same baby boy attended his senior prom and is now a freshman in college.

Three more kids later and we're still buying Goldilocks cakes for our children's birthday celebrations. Here are two more photos, this time of our youngest son celebrating his first birthday with a Goldilocks cake plus a "grown up" picture in one of the media events he attended with me.

For the past seventeen years of marriage, and counting, I just realized how much Goldilocks has been a part of my, my husband's, and our children's lives. We've been buying Goldilocks cakes for birthdays and other celebrations, bringing Goldilocks goodies (brownies, polvoron, ensaymada, cathedral window, etc.) during family outings, and dining in at Goldilocks stores (fresh lumpia, puto and dinuguan, etc.) when we go malling.

In several of Dingdong's TV commercials, he keeps saying, "You're the one Goldilocks!"

Not surprisingly, when it comes to our family, I could honestly say that also holds true :)

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