Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Coupons for the 31st Manila International Book Fair!

One of the trade expos/exhibits/fairs I, and my kids, always look forward to every year is the Manila International Book Fair. Since all members of my family are readers, we really love finding good books at lower prices that we normally wouldn't prioritize buying if they are sold at standard retail prices.

My youngest son will definitely ask me to add more Hiyas books to his collection of Mga Kwento ni Tito Dok and Oh Mateo! series. On the other hand, my eldest would probably be buying books on drawing Manga again while I plan to buy several of Ms. Grace Chong's inspiring books.

If you'd also like to get in for free and avail of discounts from the OMFLit booth at Aisle G, download printable coupons found at the OMFLit website. Or, like it in Facebook to get the YouSendIt download link at its wall.
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