Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wonderful Praise Album for Kids (and Parents, too!)

I have fond memories of a live show in Los Banos in the late ‘80s (or early ‘90s?) when I was still a student. It was staged at the UPLB Auditorium and featured a lot of talented kids, some of whom now also have kids of their own. The show was called Colby’s Missing Memory. It was about a talking computer who was a good friend to many kids.

This photo is from the album of my friend Lem, 
one of the former kids in the UPLB production

In the story, a bunch of kids were building a clubhouse and one of them was not sold on the idea of being friends with a computer. Colby’s ability to play songs based on scripture was erased when Nick touched a switch he wasn’t supposed to.

All the other kids tried their best to make Colby remember about friendship and God’s love. Nick also asked two rhyme-talking diagnostic disks to help them recover Colby’s memory.

I love that show so much because all the songs (and I mean ALL!) had beautiful words and melodies. I even bought a cassette tape of the album all those years ago so I could listen to them over and over again.

Recently, I found out that House of Praise is now selling CD and DVD versions of Colby’s Missing Memory. I already have the CD and my son, James, loves listening to the dialogues and the songs. I plan to buy the DVD as well so that he and his brothers could also watch the whole story.

Although this album was originally produced in the ‘80s, the theme and the messages remain timeless – that love should be given away, that friendship should not be based on appearances alone, and that everyone is part of the Lord’s family.

Listen to, or watch, Colby’s Missing Memory with your kids. I’m sure you’ll also love the messages there as much as I did.
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