A Haphazard Post

I've been having these bad headache episodes for almost a week now. The pain usually comes at night when I'm all set to write and beat my seemingly never-ending deadlines. I really have to see an eye doctor within this coming week. I think my myopia and astigmatism are the ones causing my problems.

Last night, I was supposed to finish an article due this weekend. But I couldn't think straight what with the thumping in my temples. So I took an Ibuprofen tablet and turned on the TV. I guess, I might as well try to relax my mind by watching a film. I have this DVD of Dear John sitting around, unwatched, for weeks, after all.

I loved the story but still ended with a headache -- and a stuffy nose -- and red eyes :p Although this one didn't get me bawling as much as when I watched A Walk to Remember and The Notebook before. But, boy oh boy, Nicholas Sparks sure knows how to make people cry.

After the movie, I tried to recall from what other movie I've seen Channing Tatum before, but couldn't. I went online, searched IMDB.com for his profile and satisfied my curiosity when I remembered I saw him first in Step Up 2. That refreshed my flagging memory.

But then, since I was already online, I checked out youtube because I suddenly missed The Corrs' music. (I know, weird connections!) My search was rewarded though because I discovered a new song by Andrea Corr which, I also found out, came out in the Music of Ireland soundtrack. It felt nostalgic hearing the penny whistle parts. If it weren't four o'clock in the morning, I would have taken out one of my whistles (I have a fairly large collection) and play some Irish tunes.

Again, since I was already on one of my Irish music moods, I thought of searching for Enya's songs too. And I ended up hearing one of my favorites among her instrumental compositions. This video has very nice photos.

It's almost six in the morning now and I remain sleepless. Unfortunately, my writer's block is still prancing about in my brain. So excuse me while I go and find more relaxing music to listen to. Perhaps, after a few songs, I would find the kind of rest my mind has been searching for all night and I could finally go to sleep.
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