Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick Trip to Batangas

This blog is already a bit late but I decided to post it anyway in case some of you who live in or near Batangas City might be looking for a place to unwind with your families :)

Last June 9, a couple of friends and I went to Batangas City to pay our respects to a common friend's mom who passed away. The funny thing is, we stayed in their private resort longer than at the funeral home :p

See, our friend had to get food for the wake's guests which was being cooked at their resort. Since the three of us haven't seen Doon Po Sa Amin yet, we decided to tag along. The place is awesome! It sits on top of a hill with a breathtaking 360 degree view of Batangas City!

For more photos and info about the place,

While we waited for the cook to finish all the dishes, the guys went for a dip. Much as I was tempted to jump in and join them, I decided to just surf the net using one of my friend's laptop. I was even able to write half the draft of one article due that week.

Before we went back to the funeral home, we ate a wonderful home-cooked meal at the mess hall with cool breezes billowing around us. Much later that night, we also stopped by a restaurant that serves the famous Batangas Lomi.

The three of us went home with full tummies and a revived sense of the camaraderie we used to have many years ago when we still had time to hang out together more often.
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