Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am glad that May 10 is finally over. My husband and I voted in Laguna where we are registered. We have carefully chosen the candidates we believe would best lead our country.

 Feeding my ballot to the PCOS machine

Unfortunately, many Filipinos still seem not to get how significant their right to vote is.  Although I am happy that Noynoy Aquino has a significant lead over his competitors, we can all see from the partial unofficial results for the senatorial race these past few days just how much people continue to rely on a candidate's past movies rather than their platforms and character.

And yet, many continue to wonder why our country is not moving forward. Here's hoping and praying that our new president would inspire positive changes in the next six years.

BTW, you may want to read about my kids' articles in Manila Bulletin's Funpage about their views on the elections:
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