Make Mothers' Day Extra Special for Your Mom and Be Part of Online History

I have been a World Vision sponsor and staunch supporter for several years now and I can vouch that it is one of the most worthwhile organizations to send help to. Please take this opportunity to make Mothers' Day special for your mom and, the process, help poor Filipino kids and their families. If you want to do more, kindly consider sponsoring at least one child so he/she can go to school this coming June.


Johnson’s Baby and World Vision have partnered to come out with a different kind of Mother’s Day celebration this year. Titled "Baby Your Mom Day", the campaign aims to create the longest online Mother's Day greeting using videos and photos submitted by users.

And for every submission, Johnson's Baby will donate P50 to World Vision to help send underprivileged children to school. We invite everyone to join us and support this great cause. Send us your submissions through this Facebook profile, through our YouTube channel or via email at

Deadline for submission: May 7, 2010.

For more information, please check out this Facebook page.

Official Press Release:

Manila – May 1, 2010

This May 9, the Philippines will go for online history as it pursues the Guinness record for the longest online Mother’s Day Greeting.

Johnson’s Baby and World Vision have partnered together to create a different kind of Mother’s Day celebration this year that will give Filipino moms a special kind of Mother’s Day greeting, will help send underprivileged children to school, and will hopefully create Mother’s Day online history.

Entitled “Baby Your Mom Day”, this project invites Filipinos to send their own special Mother’s Day greetings online, and for each greeting Johnson’s Baby will donate P50 to World Vision to help send underprivileged children to school. Famous celebrities and World Vision ambassadors have in fact signed up to share their own special Mother’s Day greetings through the program - Sam Milby, Marc Nelson, Sam Concepcion, and Julia Clarete to name a few.

Unlike traditional Mother’s Day greetings, this program aims to show a different kind of appreciation to all Filipino moms. Especially for Pinoy mothers, their children will forever be their “babies”, hence this Mother’s Day, Johnson’s Baby and World Vision will give Filipinos a chance to flip roles and greet their moms by “babying her” instead.

"Johnson's Baby is closely associated with that special bond that links Mother and Child. What better occasion than Mother's Day to celebrate that amazing relationship and help put underprivileged kids through school. It will make our Filipino moms so happy and proud”, noted Christine Balingit, Group Brand Manager of Johnson’s Baby.

Jun Godornes, OIC Manager for Direct Marketing for World Vision added, "When the Johnson's Baby team approached us for this campaign, we knew that it was great project. Not only is it a good fundraising effort, it is a nice and unique way to celebrate our moms on their special day in the year. Our World Vision brand ambassadors jumped right in, lending their support to this effort. We hope that the Philippines as a whole will do the same."

The motivation for creating the longest Mother’s Day greeting is driven by two factors as explained by Jaycee Garcia, Senior Brand Manager for Johnson's Baby. "For one, the more submissions that we receive, the bigger our donation to World Vision will be and the more children we will be helping out. Secondly, we plan to put the Philippines on the world map via the Guinness Book of World Records by generating the longest online Mother's Day greeting ever created. It is unique in our culture to remain really close to our mothers even as we grow up and Filipinos should be proud of that. "

This campaign was rolled out on May 1, 2010 on Facebook and Youtube. Online greeting submissions via videos and / or photos will be featured on these sites, complemented by a dedicated online Mother’s Day  wall at for everyone in the world to view.

Everyone is invited to join the campaign and submit their videos and or photos. To learn more about “Baby your Mom Day” and support this great cause, people can go to for more details.

From “Happy Mother’s Day” to “Baby Your Mom Day”, calling all Filipinos to unite in creating Mother’s Day history not just in the Philippines but hopefully the world.

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