Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries

Mommies! Did you know that a baby's sleep is more than just rest?

I attended an event organized by Johnson's Baby and Nuffnang last Saturday at the Ascott Residences. It was such an eye-opener for me to learn that all those techniques I used to put my kids to sleep all these years ago now have a study to back them up!

According to Dr. Luis Rivera, pediatric pulmonologist and VP of the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine, there are several benefits to getting baby used to a schedule:
  1. Babies thrive on routines because the most effective learning comes from repetition
  2. The consistent, regular sequence of a routine helps babies learn associations and patterns
  3. One of the most important habits parents should develop for babies is a sleep routine
He also discussed a clinical evaluation that affirmed the effectiveness of a three-step bed routine alongside the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Range. The Johnson's Baby Sleep Study was conducted in the US by Dr. Jodi Midell, a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep medicine.

After two weeks, significant results were presented. Babies had:
• 37% reduction in the length of time to fall asleep
• 37% reduction in awakenings
• 49% reduction in total time awake
• 23% increase in longest continuous sleep period

As for the parents:
• 100% enjoyed performing the routines
• 80% believed their baby’s sleep improved
• 85% continued the routine
• 55% reduction was noted in tension/anxiety score
• 59% reduction was noted in fatigue score thanks to less feedings, less nappy changes, etc.

Midwives and volunteer moms demonstrated the 3-step before-bed routine:

Give baby a quick warm bath or simple punas before bedtime.

Perform a relaxing massage on baby using baby oil or lotion. Get her in the mood by turning up some relaxing music. Lay her on a comfortable flat surface and stroke her with gentle motions. Trace I-L-Y on her tummy while saying “I love you”. Infant massage or Touch Therapy has clinically proven benefits and is known to calm a fussy baby, contribute to healthy weight gain, and improve babies’ immunity.

Establish quiet activities such as cuddling, singing a lullaby or story-telling. Let your soft voice or soothing music lull baby into sleep.

Know more about the 3-step before-bed routine, read about real-life moms’ experiences on bedtime habits, download helpful tools to get your baby to fall asleep faster, and sign up for the customized sleep profiler for your baby by logging on to

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