Birthday Wish

I'm "salivating" (what a choice of word! LOL) over this bodhran (pronounced as baron), an Irish drum.

Friends who know me are familiar with my fascination of The Corrs. BTW, the bodran is an instrument played by Caroline Corr.

I already tried my hand at the violin but I haven't had time to really practice much these couple of years. My instrument is rarely taken out of its case nowadays ... too busy with work :(

I'm more adept though at playing the tin whistle. It's easier to take along almost anywhere so I get to practice often. So far, my collection of about 20 whistles (accumulated within the past four or five years) hasn't gathered dust because I really use them regularly :)

Anyway, here's praying I get to earn enough from my online writing jobs that pay by Paypal so I can buy this particular bodhran (I love the design!) before May. I plan to have it shipped to my brother in IL (note to self: ask bro first if he'd be willing to lug along a big hand-carry item :p) so he can bring it here when he comes home for a vacation.

It is free to dream after all :p
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