For House MD fans

I've just finished watching the whole first two seasons of House on DVD the other night. And I must confess that I am raring to see more. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be seeing Season 3 here anytime soon. So, I got to sneaking peeks once more at the IMDB website about next season's episodes.

Guess what, I found a very funny thread on the message boards that I can't stop reading! I'm not even halfway through because it's so long but so darn addictive. Go see for yourself. It's under the "Dear Dr. Chase" thread. If you're a fan of House like I am, you'll enjoy the wit and humor of the members who posted those fabricated letters.

Oh, but you gotta register first (for free) before you get to read the boards. But that's easy enough anyway. So enjoy! :)
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