Feel Good Show

Every Wednesday night, the kids and I look forward to nine o' clock because that's when the show Extreme Home Makeover airs on RPN 9. It's a show in the US that's produced, I think, by the TV station ABC.

Anyway, what I love about it is the almost fairy tale-like concept of happy endings. A family writes to the show, is chosen and gets a visit by the house design team ... then the family's sent off on a seven-day vacation while the team builds the house within that short period.

I like how members of the team show geniune concern for the family's needs. They really take time to think out designs that would complement each family member's room to their personalities. Yeah, for cynics, they can simply say "Of course they'd do that! They're being paid for what they do!" But looking at them, I see their emotions -- the tears and broken voices when they talk about how much they wanted to help -- as manifestations of their compassionate selves. And that is wonderful to behold.

On my kids' part, they are always awed at how nondescript dwellings are transformed into beautiful homes. Being SIMS (the computer game where players can build houses) fanatics, I could see how interested they were at every new concept they learn each week.

Sometimes they do sigh and wish aloud, "I hope they come to the Philippines so they can build us a nicer house." And I had to explain that not everyone are granted these kinds of blessings. Besides, since the house we're living in is not really ours, we don't have the right to have it rebuilt or remodeled because we're just renting the place.

However, these talks have given me opportunities to encourage them instead to study harder so that someday, when they graduate from college and get good jobs, they can have their dream houses built. Thankfully, I think they get the idea :)
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