Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Make Some Poor Children Happy This Christmas

As we prepare for the yuletide holiday’s rush of parties and gift-giving, let’s pause for a while and think of those who wouldn’t be celebrating the season with enough food and material necessities.

Give a life-changing Christmas Lifeline gift to poor Filipino children by calling World Vision’s Noche Buena Hotline today at 372-7777 or email and ask how you can help.

For those who are already sponsoring a child through WV, please do consider sending P1000 as your Noche Buena gift for your sponsored child’s family (aside from your regular donations) so they could at least have a delicious meal on Christmas eve. Contact the number above for more details.

As WV’s executive director Elnora B. Avarientos writes “I like to believe that the meaning of Christmas will be never be complete if somehow … somewhere … you and I know that there is a child out there who needs to be loved and needs to experience the joy of receiving Christmas.”

Let’s all make a concerted effort to make this happen. We have been given so many blessings by the Lord. Let’s use some of these to bless others. Thanks so much! :)
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