Kindred Spirits Loving The Corrs' Music

A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Listening to very talented young people who amazingly sound (almost) exactly like The Corrs. I attended a jamming session yesterday and got to finally meet some of my co-egroup members in the Corrs-ph mailing list. Some of them have been playing Corrs songs together for a long time and already formed a band which, I must say, definitely sounds good!

I have to admit it was a little intimidating at first joining a younger generation. After all, I am older than some of them by at most a decade! But take note, I was born the same year as Caroline Corr so I guess I'm justified :) But once there, I found that our collective fascination and love for the Corrs were enough to bridge any gaps.

I wouldn't go as far as referring to my new friends as "kids" though. They have shown such maturity in the way they show passion for their music (Congrats Kei and the Kaze gang! Your newest song, Rain, rocks!) which inspired me to practice with my tin whistles more (so I can really jam with them next time).

To all you cool gals and guys who made my afternoon a really special one, thank you ... for inviting me, for the free cds and the wonderful company. Here's looking forward to more get-togethers in the future!

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