Friday, June 03, 2005

A Pleasant Surprise

We have a VCD of the animated movie “The Magic Sword” and my kids have been watching it often for the past two years. I got to like the song “On My Father’s Wings” the first time I heard it and even searched the net for the lyrics. I have been singing it ever since (reminds me so much of my late dad whom I was very close to).

It was a strange coincidence that the day the movie was shown in Cartoon Network sometime last week, a fellow die-hard Corrs fan (Hi Pao!) emailed me mp3s of several rare Corrs songs. One of them is titled “On My Father’s Wings”. I haven’t opened the file yet when my son Leland suddenly shouted, “Mommy! I saw on the credits that Andrea Corr is the singing voice of Kayley!” To think that we’ve been watching the movie for so long and haven’t been paying attention to the credits!

So I hurriedly played the mp3 and sure enough, it was the same song! Argh, it’s humiliating that me, a Corrs fanatic, didn’t recognize Andrea’s voice immediately! But, at least my ears perked up after hearing it for the first time so many months ago.

Oh well, as far as surprises go, this one gets a perfect ten from me!
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