Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cable Crazy

Last night, Star Movies showed several good movies and I literally became a couch, no make it a bed, potato for the duration of three whole flicks! I got to sleep around 3 am already.

I’m not much of a movie buff, in the sense that I‘m too lazy to go to cinemas. I’d rather watch at home in the comfort of the sofa or the bed with snacks just within my reach. And last night was no exception.

Air Force one will always be one of my favorites. I love Harrison Ford. He has that boyish charm that stays with him even if he’s getting older after every new film release.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard 1 also has that hero kind of X factor that most women find irresistable, me included :D

I haven’t seen One Hour Photo before and I must admit, I was intrigued at how Robin Williams would play a role that won’t show his comedic talents. He was creepy! I was unsettled by the way he portrayed the photo guy. But I like the way he did blend in with the background, just like what one of the production crew said before in an interview. Very subtle subliminal hints that nondescript persons can really go unnoticed by many.

Oh well, there goes my movie repertoire for last night. Hmm, I wonder when I’ll get to chance upon another all-nighter marathon of great films …
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