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I was assigned an article about Internet Advertising a week ago. As I was browsing the net for commonly used terms, I searched for the correct meaning of spam. Guess where my search led me … correct! The Hormel website.

I found this paragraph funny but a little sad too:

“We coined this term [SPAM] in 1937 and it has become a famous trademark. Thus, we don't appreciate it when someone else tries to make money on the goodwill that we created in our trademark or product image, or takes away from the unique and distinctive nature of our famous trademark SPAM. Let's face it. Today's teens and young adults are more computer savvy than ever, and the next generations will be even more so. Children will be exposed to the slang term "spam" to describe UCE [unsolicited commercial email] well before being exposed to our famous product SPAM. Ultimately, we are trying to avoid the day when the consuming public asks, "Why would Hormel Foods name its product after junk e-mail?"

Read the whole article here.
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