Right Now ….

Indulge me. I can’t seem to think of anything good to write about today. So let me just share my thoughts and feelings right now …

… I’m missing my husband coz he only gets to go home to us during weekends
… I’m excited of going to Manila tomorrow to get some of my magazine cheques since I’ll get to drop by hubby’s office and we can go out for dinner before I go home alone after
… I’m still ga-ga over the The Corrs’ new album Borrowed Heaven
… I’m almost finished reading The Heavenly Man by Paul Hattaway
… I’m winding down after a hectic day of being referee to three of my rambunctious kids who seem to enjoy making my headache worse by fighting over silly things
…I’m getting tired of training our half-breed Dalmatian dog, Panda, to poop in the garden. Every time I release her from her chain after she ate, she would go straight to the cemented part of the garage and poop there. Argh!
… I’m writing two articles for a magazine for public school teachers and enjoying it immensely
… I’m planning to download again those Robert Downey Jr. songs from the DU site so I can listen to them offline
… I feel I’ve gotten over my hard disk’s crash of last week and the subsequent loss of all my saved files.
… I have a cold since last week and I hate taking Decolgen (though I have to, to stop my runny nose) because it makes me groggy for the first three hours and makes me just wanna crawl in bed and sleep. If only I could, but I have to take care of James, my special child.
… I’m still thankful to the Lord for all the blessings He is showering upon us despite the little problems I’m getting myself worried about
… I’m getting sleepy so I better post this in blogger before I go off to dreamland

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