On pictures and cutouts

I like helping my preschooler Daniel with his assignments. He’s a very diligent child and seldom complains he’s tired even when there are more than five pages of answering to be done. He’s in Kinder 2 now.

Just this morning (his classes are in the afternoon), we tried finding pictures of animals that walk, run, climb, fly, crawl and swim. Last night he finished several pages in his English book so we left the Science assignment for today. I’m not exactly sure why, but I find it peaceful turning magazine pages one after the other to find what we were looking for. Daniel was flipping pages too and would now and then be distracted with things he sees. “Look Mommy, I saw Littlefoot!” he said when turned to an advertisement page for the Land Before Time video. “And there’s Bambi!” on a page about movie reviews. He looked so adorable sitting there, eyes shining with delight with every discovery he makes. Though it took us longer to find the photos that we wanted, watching my son having fun simply by looking at magazine pages is amazing. (My only regret is that we had to cut photos from National Geographic because the other magazines don’t have much pictures of animals. Oh well, for the sake of good grades …)

It is quite relaxing to do something that doesn’t require much effort. I like trimming the pictures so they’d fit in the squares provided for in Daniel’s textbook Kind of a pleasant break from my hectic researches and article writing. Then I’d put glue on the back of each cutout while Daniel tries to stick each picture on the proper spaces after he slowly read the heading. “F-l-y. Hmmm, the bird goes here …. S-w-i-m. I’ll put the fish here….” It doesn’t matter that some of the pictures were stuck at odd angles. That feeling of accomplishment and pride that he showed after he said “Mommy, finished!” was worth all the effort.

This morning I had enjoyed a great bonding moment with my son.

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