Kate and Leopold

Studio 23 aired this movie last night. I’m always fascinated with novels and movies with settings in the renaissance or Victorian eras (or anything that involves time travel like Freejack, Time Cop and Somewhere in Time). I was literally transfixed with the story, I had to shush the kids often so I can hear everything said better. I saw it for the first time. Hugh Jackman who played Leopold was superb! If ever the film industry will be looking for the next James Bond, I’ll vote for him (not Hugh Grant, heaven forbid!). He played his part so well, looking dashing and handsome in the 21st century without looking stupid or silly.

I like the cast. Meg Ryan’s performances always delight me. Those who played Charlie and Stuart were also great. I loved the storyline! Not the usual boy-meets-girl simple plot, rather something like boy-accidentally-found-himself-in-another-century-meets-girl-falls-in-love-goes-back-in-time-girl-follows-and-they-live-happily-ever-after kind of thing. Don’t mind me, I’m just being the hopeless romantic, normal me, today. Tee-hee!
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