Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I love honey but ironically, I hate bees! We've had a beehive inside our ceiling since January and I must say it has caused us a lot of trouble. All members of my family have been stung one way or another. Our windows have screens but I don't know how in puzzle land can they still get inside the house! Argh, I must have swatted at least a hundred tonight. They come inside the house during the night when the lights are on. A science teacher friend told us, bees thought it was sunlight. Ugh, it had to happen now that the bee keeper we know is in Canada and working during bee season there. I don't know how we could get rid of them. Judging by now, the hive must be an armful size already. Last year, we had the same thing and I peeked thru the ceiling trap door. When I turned on my flashlight, I was horrified that at least half of one wall was crawling with lots of bees. I am worried about the kids, they' too have been stung a lot of times already. Good thing they've learned now to step on anything moving on the floor :) Oh, what to do? Anybody out there with ideas? Please email me!
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