Monday, December 26, 2016

Piso Tales: an FWD Life Philippines and Wattpad Partnership Promoting Financial Literacy

The millennial consumer market is a huge one. It's no wonder brands often align their marketing strategies to appeal to this younger generation of spenders. While it's good that young people nowadays seem to have better purchasing power, they also need to be educated on how to properly manage their hard-earned salaries. This is so they can also enjoy the fruits of their labor when they get much older.

FWD Life, the country's fastest growing insurance company (read about their Philippine launch in 2014, here), partnered with Wattpad, the global multiplatform entertainment company for original stories, to revolutionize financial education via the Piso Tales advocacy campaign.

read and learn from three engaging Piso Tales!
Piso Tales, a one-of-a-kind initiative that aims to bring financial literacy closer to the Philippines' rapidly expanding millennial market, is geared towards changing the way people learn and share financial stories. FWD passionately worked with three Filipino Wattpad authors in coming up with stories showcasing how millennials can succeed financially in life.

Chris Stefanyk, Wattpad Business Operations and Strategy Lead, expressed, "FWD Life's Piso Tales Campaign will empower a new generation of Filipinos to take control of their finances to prepare for their and their loved ones' future."

During an intimate gathering for the media and several Wattpad fans held at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street recently, Wattpad subscribers were encouraged to read the following stories:

  • Detour by Natsuri Ayuko and Gandang Sora -- Milly, the lady behind the latter pen name shared that the story shows how we can all learn from our mistakes.
  • BTW, It's Love by AB Castueras -- Bernadette, the author, explained that this story aims to help young people understand that handling money should not be seen as a difficult task. Rather, they should learn to do this as early in life as possible.  
  • My Fangirl Dream by blue_maiden - Tina, who's behind the K-Pop inspired story, advises young people to find a balance between enjoying life and growing wealth. "Don't let age hinder your dreams. Live life fearlessly!"

millennials should learn to discern early the advantages of
saving and investing instead of spending
Did you know? Every month, Filipinos spend 500 million minutes engaged in stories about the things they love! With a total monthly audience of six million, Wattpad is a good channel to spread and make financial literacy relevant and entertaining for millions of Filipino millennials. According to Adspark Business Director Miki Yuhiko, "Through this, I hope we make financial literacy easier and more digestible for our target market."

"At FWD, Piso Tales is truly close to our heart. As a company which aims to encourage Filipinos to live life without hesitation, we are delighted to breathe life to the Piso Tales campaign," illustrated Roche Vandenberghe, FWD Life Philippines' Head of Marketing. 

She said that they recognize the potential of the country's millennial market and that, "Through this advocacy, we are reaching out to a huge segment that has been, thus far, quite underserved in terms of financial education."

Wattpad authors with event host David Celdran
and representatives of FWD Life, Wattpad, and Adspark
"Our partnership with Wattpad is premised on the idea that financial literacy need not be boring," added Vandenberghe who pointed out that Piso Tales is entirely aligned with their vision to change the way people feel about insurance.

Just a few hours after the upload of the last chapters on Wattpad last December 16, the stories already garnered 35,000 readers / views proving how effective this way is in reaching Piso Tales' intended audience. "Let this be a new way of sharing money talks!" concluded Vandenberghe. 


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