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Take Advantage of 7 Elite Skin Whitening Actives in Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Cream

There are a lot of whitening products in the market today. However, not all are true to their promise of truly making skin look fairer. Since I started running more than a year ago, one of my skin care concerns is the darkening of my arms and lower legs after they are exposed to sunlight during races and practices.

Having uneven skin tone doesn't look very nice especially when one has to wear sleeveless tops and dresses or shorts and mini skirts. That's why I do try to maintain a consistent and balanced skin color by applying sun block as often as possible.

Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion
Two weeks ago, I started using Snow Skin Whitening Lotion on my arms and legs. I usually apply it after taking a bath and before I go out into the sun. The nice thing about this product is that it provides both skin and sun care. It addresses hyper pigmentation including dark spots, age spots, acne marks, old scars, uneven skin tone, and melasma.

Snow Skin has 7 Elite Skin Whitening Actives that are clinically proven to whiten skin and are effective in anti-aging. It contains high percentages of concentration of all seven active ingredients. This is important to know because other manufacturers usually one main expensive active then mixes it with cheaper ones like papaine or Kojic Acid. That's why some lotions and creams take very, very long to take effect, or not at all.

Snow comes in handy bottles with airless dispenser
For instance, the highly effective skin active Alpha Arbutin costs around P125,000 per liter. To gain higher profit margins, most manufacturers only use 0.01% of this while Snow Skin Whitening uses 2.00%, the actual recommended percentage for quick, effective results and faster whitening effect.

Users of Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion are assured of getting all of the expensive 7 Elite Skin Whitening Actives. Here are more information about each of them:

1) IBR-TLCL are colorless carotenoids, phytoene, and phytofluene naturally produced and extracted from non-GMO tomatoes. They have effective and beneficial activities for beauty applications, specifically in protection against UV and oxidative damage, which is known to lead to pre-mature aging and other phenomena. Able to control pigmentation by inhibiting melanin synthesis, thereby lightening the skin, they also present abilities of inflammation reduction, anti oxidation and UVA/UVB protection.

IBR-TLCL protects against UV damage that leads to premature aging
2) IBR-Snowflake is a natural, aqueous extract from dormant Summer Snowflake bulbs. It slows down skin aging and is clinically proven to smoothen skin and reduce wrinkles by affecting muscle cell contraction. It enables brightening and whitening of skin by rendering melanocytes (cells that form dark pigments) inactive.

results of using cream with 2% IBR-Snowflake after 28 days
3) ALPAFLOR GIGAWHITE from the Swiss Alps is a skin lightener developed from Alpine plants. It brightens and evens skin tone as well as reduces the color intensity of age spots. The graph below shows that, at a concentration of 5%, ALPAFLOR GIGAWHITE, there is significant lightening activity after 12 weeks of treatment on Asian skin without observing any particular irritation.

significant skin lightening activity after 12 weeks of treatment with Alpaflor Gigawhite 
4) MELFADE-J is a purified aqueous extract from bearberry leaves (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) combined with magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Results of a study performed on 40 Chinese women who applied an emulsion containing MELFADE-J, showed that skin was lightened approximately 80% more as compared with Beta Arbutin. This efficacy was evaluated by Colorimetry.

bearberry plant
5) ALPHA-ARBUTIN is a pure, water-soluble biosynthetic active ingredient that promotes lightening and an even skin tone on all skin types. It minimizes liver spots and reduces the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure.

6) BETA GLUCAN is made from oats by a patented technology. It is clinically shown to penetrate intact human skin and help reduce the visible signs of aging. An excellent moisturizer, BETA GLUCAN also protects skin against UV radiation, stimulates fibroblast growth and collagen synthesis, promotes healing and reduces scar discoloration, stimulates the body's immune defense system, and is a good non-invasive treatment of skin wrinkles.

Beta Glucan study results
Above is the graph of an 8-week clinical study treating 27 subjects with twice daily application of either 10% Beta Glucan gel (dark pink) vs. placebo (light pink) measuring skin elasticity by Cutometer.

7) RESORCINOL is a nature-inspired ingredient derived from a powerful molecule that exists naturally in pine trees. It is found to be 10 times more effective than Kojic Acid, making it a powerful skin radiance enhancing ingredient. A clinical study on 12 Asian subjects who went without sun exposure resulted to 553% skin lightness in 28 days.

no filter, unedited photos of before and after shots of my arm
time frame: 2 weeks 
Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Cream is non-carcinogenic with ultimately safe yet most beneficial ingredients. Generously apply the cream on your face and the lotion all over the body, targeting uneven skin tones especially on the elbows, knees, neck, and nape. I love its mild and fresh flowery scent of Alpine plant extracts and bearberry! 

Snow Skin is manufactured by Vida Nutriscience, Inc. Suggested retail prices are P1,499 for the cream and P799 for the lotion. For more information, visit, like SnowSkinWhite on Facebook and follow @SnowSkinWhite on Twitter and @SnowSkinWhite7 on Instagram.

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