Friday, September 25, 2015

Experience Natural Care "Down There" with pH Care Papaya and Guava

The buzz on going all-natural continues to make waves as many of us become more conscious of the things we eat and use. Aside from putting importance of organic food and health supplements from plant and animal extracts, personal care and beauty products are also being put under the spotlight by those who want to live healthier.

papaya and guava
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And, why not? It's not enough that we have proper diet and exercise, we also need to make sure that what we apply on any area of our bodies won't be harmful to our skin -- especially on the most sensitive parts!

The folks behind best-selling feminine wash pH Care understand the importance of using natural ingredients in their products. Thus, they came up with an all-new pH Care Naturals line in two variants: pH Care Naturals Papaya and pH Care Naturals Guava. 

Women, admittedly, have confidence issues when it comes to the bikini area. For many, having dark skin on that part of the body can make them self-conscious even in the privacy of their own bathrooms. What more on the beach? And while there are many products for whitening dark skin on various body parts, most of them are not safe for use in intimate areas. 

pH Care Naturals Papaya
Now, pH Care offers a new whitening feminine wash that contains papaya extract to cleanse the bikini area while also aiding in skin whitening and keep the sensitive area fresh and fair. pH Care Naturals Papaya is said to give fairer skin in as early as 14 days with regular use.

There are moms like me, however, who have probably been made to try a feminine wash made with guava leaves boiled in clean water after giving birth. My Nanay and mother-in-law, who both grew up in the province, are staunch believers of the antiseptic benefits of guava leaves. It's a good thing it was easy for us to find these natural ingredients in our backyard. 

But for women with no access to real guava leaves, there's pH Care Naturals Guava that can address concerns such as sweat, body odor, and infection that may cause a lot of discomfort. I've tried this and found it a really good substitute for the real thing. It smells really good, too!

pH Care Naturals Guava
So, if you're 1 in 3 Filipinas who are always on the lookout for natural solutions for your most intimate body part, give phCare Naturals a try. It will naturally deodorize the area and make you feel confident regardless of your outfit, activity, or even the weather. 

The NEW pH Care Naturals variants are now available at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty stores. For more information and updates, please like and follow @phcarephilippines on Twitter and Instagram

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