Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Song That Needs to be Heard: "The Last Day of Forever" by Len Handler

I was browsing channels on Cable TV last night and caught the first few frames of a movie entitled Sheeba on the FOX Family Movies channel. I automatically opened the IMDB app on my iPad to check what the film is all about. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information. I was about to change channels when the opening song, with beautiful lyrics and melody, caught my attention.

Intently, I listened to the words and tried to catch the song's title. When I thought I figured it out, I went to YouTube and searched for a video. There was none. So I Googled "Last Day of Forever" and, after some hits and misses, landed on

It was so nice to be able to listen once again to this beautiful, albeit really sad song. The lyrics are so heartbreaking that they made me think The Last Day of Forever could have been the theme song for The Fault in Our Stars or A Walk to Remember. But that's just me. Although I don't think it's really fitting for Sheeba (the correct title of which, I found out from further research, turned out to be The Crab Orchard on IMDB), I'm glad they used it there because I might otherwise wouldn't have come across it.

Anyhow, do listen to the song. If you have lost someone you deeply loved and are thankful for the good memories he/she left behind, you will definitely appreciate The Last Day of Forever. I just wish there's more information about it online. 

Oh, and in case anyone reading this knows Len Handler, please do tell him/her that it would be really, really great if they could produce a music video using the song. I think people would better appreciate it with visuals. Then again, that's just me :) 

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