Journey to a Fit Body and Mind with Evolve Fitness Studio in Commercenter Alabang

Many of us keep on expressing how we want to live life to the fullest but are we really able to do so? In this fast-paced society, a lot of people find it hard to find time to exercise and keep fit. I learned though, in the past year, that one has to "make time" for active pursuits if we really want to stay healthy. 

balancing ...
Thus, I now work around my scheduled activities to fit in an hour of running at least twice a week and join races every two months or so. When I received an invite to join a yoga workshop at Evolve last weekend, hubby and I said yes because we were curious how this discipline could further help us find a better work-life balance. 

prepping for a headstand
Fresh from the Energizer Race the night before, we went to Evolve last Sunday afternoon to join what we found out to be a Vinyasa Workshop with Yoga Tribe. Because we missed the warm up sessions and basic instructions done that morning, hubby and I practically had a crash course on yoga but were inspired to join others in the lessons of inversions (that's yoga term for head stands!).

proper pose is very important 
I was very skeptical though if I would be able to do one as I see myself having a very non-flexible body. One of my frustrations, actually, is my inability to touch my toes while bending with legs straight. It's my fault, I know, for being such a couch potato for years. But I am heartened by Ginger Diaz-Serrano's encouragement that I just need practice and repetition. Ginger, Evolve's studio director, added that a lot of their students also started yoga with poor flexibility. Now, that's comforting to hear!

my first headstand!
I'd say though that I was dumbfounded when Dexter Tan, one of the coaches, was able to help me do my first ever headstand without having any yoga background whatsoever! It's funny to recall that I was repeatedly telling him "Don't let me go!"while both my feet were up in the air because I was really afraid I'll lose my balance. My husband, the true sporty one in the family, gamely tried most of the inversion poses and was able to do headstands on his own a couple of times. So yeah, I am envious! You can read his own blog post here.

hubby and fellow blogger, Michelle doing headstands
That is why I am raring to go back to Evolve and try Bikram Yoga so I could start learning the basics and take it from there. Let's see how far this fascination with yoga would take me. 

stand off hahaha
By the way, Evolve is formerly known as Bikram Yoga Alabang. The studio has now transitioned to meet the diverse needs of its students and growing community. According to Ginger, who founded BYA in 2010, "Evolve is an important step in our goal of helping more people in their journey to health and wellness. While we recognize our heritage as a Bikram Yoga studio, we believe that we can serve our students better by providing new options in terms of class, learning sessions, and programs that support a healthy lifestyle."

correct position after a headstand
Part of Evolve's launch was the Vinyasa workshop led by Pio Baquiran, a highly regarded yoga teacher who has been practicing Bhakti Yoga for 32 years. This July, Evolve is offering the 30-Day and 4x4 Yoga Challenge wherein students are urged to either do yoga for 30 days or for 4 times a week for 4 weeks. This is one of the studio's most anticipated activities that is also held every January. 

prepping for a back bend
"Everyone can achieve a fit body and a fit mind. We're here to help students embrace challenges, focus on what really matters the most, and be better than ever," shared Ginger who completed her training and certification as a yoga instructor in 2007 and has been teaching full time for three years. 

the correct back bend
Soon, adding to its popular beginner sessions, Evolve will have classes for intermediate and advanced students. It offers a 10-day (consecutive) introductory package for only P1,000 while special rates are also available for regular students. Evolve now features a range of classes taught by qualified teachers based in Manila and from around the world. Regular students and newcomers can look forward to experiencing Vinyasa, Hot Vinyasa Flow, and Absolute Hot Yoga, among others.

epic fail! the farthest back bend I could do :p told ya I'm not (yet!) flexible 
Yoga and fitness fans can also look forward to the opening of a Certified Calm retail area in the studio complete with stylish yoga apparel and accessories from leading brands. Excited to learn yoga, too? Visit Evolve at the 2nd floor of Commercenter, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. For more information, contact 846.5496 or 0927.9169909.

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