Sunday, March 22, 2015

Welcome Summer with Selecta Ice Cream's 3 New Flavors!

The weather has become hotter the past couple of weeks. No doubt, the start of the summer season is already here and I'm sure it's bound to get even warmer by May. I'm not worried though because there are a lot of ways to cool down and beat the heat!

One of the easiest? Enjoy a cup or bowl of Selecta Ice Cream! The good news is, our favorite ice cream brand has come up with three new flavors that are perfect to welcome summer with. 

If you're fond of that local milky and chewy candy that's sprinkled with sugar, you'll love Selecta's Ube Pastillas flavor. Aside from the creamylicious ube ice cream, there are bits and pieces of real pastillas you'll get to chew and savor while they melt inside your mouth.

Then again, as many of my friends say, chocolate will always be on top of their favorite sweet treats list. So for you, chocolate lovers, Selecta has created the Choco Toffee Crunch variant that will give you the rich flavor of real cocoa while you bite into crunchy chunks of chocolate-covered toffee. That's chocolate heaven for you!

Now here's the funny part. We had all three flavors of Selecta Ice Cream inside the freezer the last time I checked. Fruit lover that I am, I saved the best for last and thought I'd try the Mango Graham Cake for my final food-tripping. Guess what? The next time I opened the freezer, the tub was already gone! It turned out that this flavor became my husband's and two of my son's instant favorites and devoured the whole thing in just a matter of hours.  

I am so glad that Selecta Ice Cream is readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores so I got to buy a new tub the very next day when we went grocery shopping. I have to agree that this one, with creamy vanilla ice cream, thick mango ripples, and chunks of graham crackers is definitely the best among the three! I loved how it genuinely reminds me of eating one of those Selecta ice cream cakes we make! (Check out the very simple recipe here.) 

This summer, make sure your freezer doesn't run out of nice and cool things to eat and drink. And don't forget to stock up on the Selecta Ice Cream flavor/s you love! Happy food tripping!  

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