Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tokyo Bubble Tea's Milo Series Perfectly Complements Various Dishes

One of my favorite refreshing beverages is milk tea. It not only tastes great, the chewy tapioca pearls make them even more fun to enjoy! Last Monday, I discovered another great addition to milk tea -- my favorite chocolate drink, Milo! 

Tokyo Bubble Tea's Milo Series
Milo has been my comfort liquid at home since I was little because I am not fond of drinking milk. Whenever I can't sleep, I'd usually make myself a hot mug of Milo and watch a little TV to unwind before bed. So I was really excited to try Tokyo Bubble Tea's Milo Series when I found out about it.

Tokyo Bubble Tea all dressed for Halloween
Last Monday, my husband and I were in SM Megamall and got ourselves a glass each of Tokyo Bubble Tea's Matcha Milo Milk Tea and the JCC Milo Milk Tea. JCC means Japanese Cheesecake Cream so imagine how rich and creamy the concoction is! Hubby got that while I opted to drink the Matcha as I figured it has lesser calories :p Next time, I'll try the Almond Milo Milk Tea!

Matcha Milo Milk Tea - P145 medium, P155 large
JCC Milo Milk Tea - P155 medium, P165 large
We paired our drinks with several of Tokyo Bubble Tea's really delicious offerings. We had the Vancouver from the Maki-zushi line. This is a very tasty roll made of breaded prawn, spicy tuna, and teriyaki sauce. I loved every bite!

Vancouver - P285
The Japanese Caesar Salad's sesame dressing blends well with romaine lettuce, tomato, pan-fried chicken, mango, and grapes. I like how the different tastes of sweet, salty, and sour were combined using colorful ingredients that make this dish attractive on the eyes as well as the palate.

Japanese Caesar Salad - P235
Like in many food trips when I don't have my kids with me, I felt a bit guilty biting into the juicy and flavorful Tokyo Aloha Burger. It has a yummy chicken patty glazed with teriyaki sauce plus the salty-sweet twist of pineapple with cheddar cheese and crisp lettuce. Another must-try in this restaurant!

Tokyo Aloha Burger - P258
And then there's the Salmon on top of a pineapple and mashed potatoes served with a special sauce and tomatoes -- such a great mix of interesting flavors. I recommend this to those who prefer eating fish over meat.  

For dessert, we had slices of cakes from Honey Bee Patisserie, a sister company of Tokyo Bubble Tea. Hubby and I shared the Matcha Cappuccino, a lovely combination of matcha green tea chiffon and coffee espresso mousse, and Chocolate Decadence, a flourless chocolate cake with custard filling in between. They are both scrumptiously good! 

Matcha Cappuccino - P105 slice, P880 whole
Chocolate Decadence - P115 slice, P880 whole
There are a lot more in Tokyo Bubble Tea's menu that I would have loved to try but those should have to wait for a next visit because everything we ate made for a really full tummy! Meanwhile, don't just feast your eyes on these food photos. Go to a Tokyo Bubble Tea branch near you and find your own tasteful combinations of dishes and Milo Milk Series drinks! Happy food tripping! :)    

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