Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Huawei Launches the Ascend P7, Redefines Smartphone Connectivity

Fast and seamless connectivity -- that's the promise Huawei executives gave when they launched the Ascend P7 the other day at The Rockwell Tent. This device picks up where the Ascend P6 left off. The new 4G LTE-enabled smartphone is a well-crafted 6.5mm-thich, five-inch full-HD gadget that boasts of a unique dual antenna that greatly improves signal reception and allows users to enjoy unlimited media viewing. 

The high-power combination of high-speed 4G LTE capability and the dual antenna allows the unit to download at speeds of up to 150Mbps! Huawei ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith, who was present during the launch, said, "The Ascend P7 definitely exceeded my expectations of what a smartphone can do. Using the unit is a unique experience. It's now my go-to phone in all occasions." 

Aside from the outstanding connection, the P7 has improved camera and panoramic selfie and groupfie capabilities. Taking excellent photos has been made a breeze as this phone is equipped with an 8MP 5P non-sphrerical lens front-facing camera and a 13MP rear camera.

"With the panoramic shooting, everyone can fit in the picture," explained Jasmine. "This feature also allows me to include more in the frame when taking a selfie, something that I need for my travels."

Another impressive feature is Ascend P7's superb craftsmanship that resulted in a sleek and sophisticated metallic appearance due to a seven-layered rear surface treatment with a refined "spin effect" micro-pattern design.

Providing an edge with enhanced strength and durability against everyday use, the P7 has Gorilla Glass 3 front and rear covers. In addition, the five-inch FHD touchscreen display comes ith 1920 x 1080 resolution, 445ppi and 16:9 aspect ratio to provide intense visual clarity when viewing multimedia.

Other features of the P7 include a 1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 2500mAh battery capacity that runs on Android 4.4 (Kit-Kat) OS.

Charles Wu, Consumer Business group head of Huawei Technologies Philippines, shared, "The Ascend P7 took months of extensive design refinements to achieve this excellent balance of form and function. It's our pleasure to bring this product into the Philippines." 

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