Sunday, March 02, 2014

Greenwich Makes All-Time Favorites Better: The Hawaiian Overload Pizza and the Creamy Carbonara Pasta

We all have food cravings and they most often include that desire to eat something that beats the usual fare. This 2014, Greenwich opens the year with irresistible gastronomic offerings: two all-time favorites made better! 

Satisfy your pizza cravings with Greenwich's Hawaiian Overload Pizza. It combines sweet juicy pieces of pineapple balanced with tangy cheddar and mouthwatering mozzarella that blends in harmony with the salty and spiced flavors from the meats. To top everything off, this pizza is sprinkled with crunchy bell peppers that will complete that exciting explosion of flavors in your mouth!

Of course, eating pizza will be way more better with a partner food item. So complement your meal with Greenwich's rich and savory Creamy Carbonara Pasta. The warm and filling al dente noodles comes with a cream-based sauce that will really hit the spot along with the crispy bacon bits and grated parmesan cheese. 

A serving of this delicious pasta dish come with a piece of Garlic Stix that is seasoned just right. You'll definitely end up with a happy tummy because you've just had your creamiest and best value Carbonara experience.

Greenwich Carbonara Pasta starts at P79.00 for snack size ala carte order
My family loves having these treats in big sizes because they are perfect for sharing and are great companions when you do movie marathons at home. Have the fun and light mood that sharing great food brings. Those are the moments worth treasuring. 

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload starts at P99.00 for a solo size pizza
If this post got you craving for Hawaiian Overload Pizza and Creamy Carbonara Pasta, they are within reach! Just call Greenwich delivery at 5-5-5-5-5 (Metro Manila), 435-5555 (Cavite), or 254-1000 (Cebu). For other areas, please visit for the numbers of the stores near you.

Enjoy food tripping! :)

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