P&G's Iconic Brand CAMAY is Back!

A few months ago, I got to visit Procter & Gamble's museum in Laguna where they show visitors the company's history through the evolution of their products displayed behind glass shelves. 

I found myself transported back to my childhood when I saw some familiar items and took a shot of this  particular product that I remember my mom and grandma using to bathe me and my sister with. After taking the photo, I wondered if I'll ever get to use Camay soap again.

And then I got an invite to attend a P&G product launch the other day at Opus Restobar. All we were told was that they'll be unveiling a well-loved beauty brand and, at the back of my mind, I was thinking if it could be Camay but I wasn't sure. My table-mates were guessing that the scents might be new variants of fabric softener Downy or beauty soap Olay.

Guests were first invited to discover the new scents of attraction led by P&G Beauty Ambassador Daphne Osena-Paez, a scent expert herself who has her own perfume line. Together with event hosts Ms. World-Philippines 2011 Gwen Ruais and Mr. World-Philipines 2012 Andrew Wolff, Daphne guided us through a sensorial experience of vanilla, grapefruit and rose scents. It was hard to choose a favorite because they all smell really nice. There was a chorus of delighted oohs and aahs when the brand name was finally revealed. It was, indeed, Camay! 

"Scents can have different effects on women who wear it and on men who encounter it on a woman," described Daphne. According to her, Vanilla reminds people of happy childhood memories, resulting in the scent's calming effect. Grapefruit, on the other hand, is bright and refreshing, which helps to positively impact energy level. Rose is a very feminine scent that will enhance a romantic mood. Still, whatever scent you choose, Daphne assured that, "Scents make women feel more beautiful and confident."

Now, Filipinas can feel more confident and even more beautiful with the new Camay's exciting new scents. The soap was first introduced in 1926 (so long ago!) as a "white, pure soap for women" that eventually became more popularly known as "the soap for beautiful women." Over the years, Camay celebrated beautiful women through its search for Camay Girls who had the power to leave a lasting impression on everyone they met. 

One such woman is Camay girl, former beauty queen and current TV host, Sabrina Artadi. She affirmed, "Camay lets you feel that radiant feeling of soft skin. I'm very happy that more young and beautiful Camay girls will get to experience Camay."

Raffy Fajardo, Marketing Director of P&G Philippines, expressed hat they are excited to introduce the all-new Camay and the next Camay girl to Filipinas come January 2013. "The modern Camay girl is a beautiful and confident woman who loves romance. Filipinas, like many women around the world, want to be the one he'll never forget."

Camay beauty bar (in satin pouches) and body wash variants
Thus, understanding the effect of scent and attraction, P&G Beauty, the largest manufacturer of fine fragrances in the world, applied its scent expertise to create the alluring scents of Creme Vanilla, Dynamique Grapefruit, and Romantique Rose. All three promise to give a new generation of Camay girls soft, scented skin that will leave their men wanting more. Now that's Camay attraction!

The all new Camay will be available nationwide starting January 1, 2013 with the following Suggested Retail Prices (SRPs):  
     Camay Beauty Bar - PhP14.00 (55g) and PhP25.00 (80g)
     Camay Body Wash - PhP70.00 (200ml)

*To see more photos during the event, please click here.

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