Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Movie Review: I Do Bidoo Bidoo - Heto nAPO Sila!

I am a big fan of the APO Hiking Society and was one of those who felt it was the end of an era when Sirs Jim, Danny, and Boboy decided to go their separate ways after four decades. Fortunately, I was able to catch one of  their very last concerts a couple of years ago.

Their music, however, continues to live on in the hearts of their millions of fans. Even my kids have become familiar with the trio's masterpieces thanks to the Kami nAPO Muna album which featured contemporary arrangements of APO songs interpreted by different bands of this generation.

When I found out about a movie musical that would feature APO songs, I knew it would have a very high chance of being a blockbuster. Now, I could definitely say it is after watching I Do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nAPO Sila! during the red carpet screening in SM Megamall last night.

Having watched Mamma Mia! the movie as well as its stage version, I'd say I Do Bidoo Bidoo can competently rival that foreign film/theater musical in terms of audience appeal, creativity, and the integration of songs in the story.

The movie's trailer, which I first saw during the ICONS at MOA Arena concert and which Sir Jim Paredes co-hosted, far exceeded my expectations. Yes, I thought the movie would be good given that it stars some of showbiz industry's big names, but I never imagined how truly great it would turn out to be.

In a nutshell, my friends and I found ourselves singing along, crying, tapping our feet, and best of all, literally rolling in our seats from laughing too much while tears of mirth streamed down our faces during one particularly hilarious scene (which I won't reveal exactly what because you have to watch the film yourself to find out :D).

Sam, Tippy, and Neil
I Do Bidoo Bidoo is mainly about two star-crossed  teenage lovers who come from different backgrounds. Simply put, Rock (Sam Concepcion) comes from a poor family while Tracy (Tippy Dos Santos) has well-off parents. This conflict sets the tone for the story that revolves around the relationships between couples and between families.

As a long-time fan, I am very pleased with how the APO songs were integrated into the story line. The lyrics and the melody seemed to fit perfectly into the scenarios. Some of my favorite musical scenes include the ones where the following were sung: Awit ng Barkada, Salawikain, Batang-Bata Ka Pa, and Tuyo Nang Damdamin.

I'd say all the actors did justice to their roles. Neil Coleta, surprisingly was very convincing in playing the best friend with a secret. Mr. Gary Valenciano and Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla's reconciliation scene has definitely made us go "Awww!" and smile. Still, something that everybody should watch out for would have to be a scene between Ogie Alcasid and Eugene Domingo towards the end of the movie. Again, I won't reveal too much what it was about but I should tell you that, in my book, it's one of the most unforgettable parts of the film because it elicited so much laughter among the audiences.

Mr. Gary V., Ogie A., and Eugene D.
Jaime Fabregas, who played Tracy's retired general grandfather was intimidating but funny in a way. The kids, Kiray Celis and Gerald Pesigan, who played Rock's siblings, as well as Rose's (Eugene) best friends, played by Sweet Plantado-Tiongson and Frenchie Dy provided a lot of welcome comic relief.

Those of us who grew up listening to, and loving, APO songs would definitely identify with many of the emotions the songs were intended to convey. I'd bet many of you, too, would find some of the lyrics and melodies evoking memories of certain people or places in your past.

I Do Bidoo Bidoo, I think, serves as a kind of journey down memory lane for us who are very familiar with APO songs but I'm sure younger people will also be able to relate to the songs and grow to love them as well especially when heard with visuals. 

my paparazzi shot of Sir Boboy and Sir Jim :p
Don't be left behind. Catch this epic film that deserves to be hailed as one of the Philippines' best movies of all time. Congratulations to Unitel, Studio 5Director Chris Martinez and the whole cast and crew for coming up with such a good quality film! 

Oh, and do watch out for some cameo appearances by ... guess who! :)

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