Saturday, May 05, 2012

PLDT Telpad Gets an “App-grade” with TelMeHow

Have you seen the TV commercial where a girl learned how to prepare a French-themed dinner for her parents using PLDT Telpad’s TelMeHow app? Heart-warming!

TelMeHow is the new and exclusive application (app) of PLDT’s revolutionary landline and multimedia gadget. The app is designed to be an educational and accessible online resource for easy-to-follow instructions and other information that people can use to pursue new interests, develop new skills, or just bond with family and friends.

The other night, I got an invite to join other bloggers at Prive in BGC where we saw firsthand how TelMeHow works. The event was hosted by the stylish Sarah Meier. There, we got a few lessons on fashion and photography from Bea Constantino and Paul Ticzon, respectively. After watching the video clips, we were divided into groups and tasked to change our looks from daytime to night time using the tips we learned.

We, ladies, suddenly found ourselves “working the ramp” as we modelled the looks our “stylists” came up with using clothes and accessories from the mannequin assigned to each of our groups. For one night, most of us got to feel the jitters that every first-time model must have felt on her maiden journey on the runway. Nevertheless, we all took it in stride (pun intended) and simply had fun.

Aside from fashion and photography, family members can also check out more categories such as cooking, travel, first aid, sports, music, language, and fitness, among others. All the topics offer how-to content that come in various forms – instructional videos, photos, and supplementary materials. All categories feature experts from different fields.

For example, watch food connoisseur Erwan Heussaff demonstrate his brand of cooking and later view photos of the finished product as well as learn about recipes, tips, and ingredients. This cooking section highlights recipes from Erwan’s personal culinary archives. With the TelMeHow app, you can also learn some of his specialties like the simple burger recipe, grilled stuffed calamari, and cheese and mushroom rolled pizzanitos.

Aside from the three I already mentioned, other experts include designer Sassa Jimenez; travel blogger Lois Yasay; athletes Kirk Long and Michelle Gumabao; Atoy Llave and Sam Liuson for the Automobile category; plus Winnie Cordero and Jie Pambid for the Living Space category.

Moms and dads, teens who always complain about being bored this summer break could spend time instead learning and discovering new stuff right inside the comforts of home!

The PLDT Telpad S7 Slim is equipped with an 8GB internal memory, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and additional storage capacity of up to 32GB. This sleek gadget also boasts of a micro HDMI port in case you want to view stuff using an HD television. The S7 further comes with 3-axis accelerometer, gravity, and ambient light sensors.

Customers can subscribe to TelPad plans that start at P1849 at 1.5mbps. Each plan already comes with unlimited local calls and unlimited broadband service. And since the Telpad unit is an Android Froyo 2.2-powered device, subscribers can download any of the more than 450,000 applications available at Google Play (formerly dubbed the Android Market).

This latest version of the Telpad has a 0.3MP front, and a 3MP rear camera for still shots, video capture, and video conferencing. I was amused that during the event, my friend Rod kept taking photos of what’s happening on stage using the S7 Slim and then immediately tweeting about it to his thousands of Twitter followers. Talk about real-time reporting!

So it’s not that hard to imagine what whole families can do with TelMeHow on the Telpad. I, personally, would love to be surprised one day with a home-cooked meal prepared by my kids. Moms would also delight in learning new decorating tricks that are simple to do if they just knew how to do them. For sure, subscribers will realize that, really, some of the best things in life and the strongest connections can only be found at home.

There are actually a lot more features to be discovered in PLDT Telpad’s TelMeHow app. I’ll leave it to you to find out what those are. For more information on this revolutionary tablet landline, please visit If you are already an existing Telpad subscriber, simply go ahead and download the TelMeHow app now from the website for free.

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