We "Crabbed" All We Could at Crustasia in Rockwell

I love seafood especially shrimp and crabs so being invited to lunch at Crustasia Rockwell the other day was definitely a welcome treat! My friends and I joined other guests who enjoyed eating several lip-smacking crab dishes prepared by Crustasia's creative cooks headed by Executive Chef Peter Ayson

We savored crabs that were as big as the plates they were served in. Each large claw spilled out sweet and juicy crab meat that is greatly enhanced by the flavors and sauces on each plate. Who'd have thought that crabs can be cooked in so many ways?!

Diners can ask the kitchen staff to break the tough crab shells before serving them on the table. But you'll also be provided with a crab cracker to help you further break smaller parts, as needed. 

Among the different variants I got to taste that day, two became my fast favorites: the one coated with, according to the waiter, a mixture made with duck eggs (heavenly yummy!) and the one loaded with lots of crispy minced garlic (very, very tasty!). 

The crab cakes are also good appetizers.

Some of the concoctions were a bit spicy so I just took a little bite of each. I like the one with cashew nuts though even if the sauce did sting my taste buds a bit. Good thing there were lots of rice and iced tea to wash away the hot feeling on my tongue.

To give you an idea about costs, I was told that crabs at Crustasia sell by P145 per 100g. and that the crabs we had weighed around 800g. to 1kg. each. For inquiries, please call 728.5463

Photo borrowed from Myke Soon's FB album
Overall, Crustasia in Rockwell is a really great place to bring your family and friends to (Ms. Janice de Belen was eating there with several lovely ladies when we arrived) for a hearty meal and good conversations. The ambiance is very nice and the staff really friendly. Thank you Ms.X for the invite :)

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