Christian Bautista Releases International Album "Outbound"

It has been several months since Christian Bautista left the country to concentrate on shooting The Kitchen Musical with Karylle in Singapore. After his successful bid in Asia, he’s back this October to release his very first international album Outbound via Universal Records.

This album contains recordings done outside the Philippines and collaborations with music producers and artists from the U.S., Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. Christian describes the songs as having a new and bolder sound which proves that he is more than just a balladeer. 

During the press launch, Christian surprised and delighted us with a couple of dance numbers which he executed exceedingly well. Now, he can add “dancer” to his roster of talents. The movements are really smooth and blend perfectly well with the very catchy songs he sung: All That’s Left and Faith.

Christian collaborated with several talented music artists for this new album and the results really paid off. Producer, arranger, and songwriter Tat Tong shared three masterpieces for Outbound: the original songs Unphotographable (I love the nostalgic feel of the lyrics and melody) and What Can I Do (has beautiful words a girl would take pleasure hearing from the guy who deserves her love :p) plus a cover of George Michael’s Faith (it will make you want to dance too!).

Christian with Tat Tong and Baby M
Aside from Tat, Outbound compiles noteworthy works from multi-platinum instrumentalist Jim Brickman for Never Far Away (which has Jim’s trademark excellent piano playing added to a more upbeat sound), the K-Pop R&B trio One Way for Wrong Number (K-pop fans would love this), Indonesian songwriter Satrio for the hit I’m Already King (I've seen its music video in MYX and liked it there and then) which is the theme of Christian’s Indonesian movie A Special Symphony, and Avex Japan’s amazing Baby M for the lovely duet Sakura (this song is really, really nice and her voice blends well with Christian's).

During the press con, we also got to watch the MV of All That’s Left which features CosPlayer Alodia Gosiengfiao. The concept is touching and the two make a cute couple on screen. There is no official MV yet on YouTube so here's the video I took and which was where Christian also danced :)

I give Outbound a 9/10 rating. It’s really, really good. Grab a copy from the nearest record bar and listen to a new side of Christian that further proves his versatility as an artist. 

*Watch Christian in the first Pan-Asian musical TV series The Kitchen Musical, which airs at AXN (new episodes every Monday, 9:05pm) and Studio 23 (new episodes every Saturday, 7:30pm). In this series, he plays Chef Daniel, a confident sous chef in love with best friend and co-worker Chef Maddie who is played by Karylle. 

*Thank you Orange Magazine TV for the use of the photos 

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