Sunday, October 16, 2011

Announcing the Winners of the Andrea Corr CD+DVD Giveaway

Edit Oct. 22: From the list of valid entries, here's the winner of the last Andrea Corr CD+DVD set via a drawing ...

Congratulations Jennifer Valmonte! Please PM me your Manila address via Facebook so I can send you your prize ASAP. Again, thanks everyone for joining! Please stay tuned for other giveaways coming up very soon.

Oct. 16: Thank you so much to all those who joined the Andrea Corr Lifelines CD+DVD Giveaway. Tonight should have been the night we Filipino fans would have heard Andrea sing live if her concert in Manila pushed through. Let's hope there will be a new date announced soon :)

Meanwhile, here are the screen caps of the winning entries. The winners will receive a special edition Lifelines CD+DVD set each: 

Patricia Miguela Alpay
Rose Dauz

 Camille Santiago Matuguina

To the winners, please PM me via Facebook a Metro Manila address where I can send you your prize. Please don't forget to take a photo of yourself holding Lifelines once you receive it then send a digital copy to me.

If you noticed, there are only three (3) winners instead of four (4). I regret to inform the others who joined that it's either I failed to see their FB statuses on WBL, Orange Magazine TV, and iDeliver 101's pages  or your status message didn't include the link to the giveaway :( 

For those I wasn't able to see, I did search for them earlier, that's why this announcement was made late. Maybe you were not able to set the status to be viewed as "Public"? Anyhow, I hope you understand that I have to stick to the rules to be fair to everyone.

As such, there is ONE more Lifelines set left up for grabs! If you really want to win, please follow the contest mechanics carefully. Deadline of entries would be on Wednesday, October 19, 12MN.  Announcement of the last winner will be made on October 20. Fair enough? :)

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