We Came, We Saw, We Blogged at the Blogapalooza!

Before, people only get information from what was called Tri-Media: television, radio, and print publications. Now, there's Quad-Media which includes online pages such as websites and blogs. Even businesses are taking notice that the internet does help today's tech savvy consumers decide where to go, what to buy, or how to do stuff. 

I have been writing professionally for print publications for almost a decade now but I have long since acknowledged that the World Wide Web can and do influence people's thoughts and actions. Thus, I blog because I want my own voice to be heard more. I want to change perspectives and perhaps contribute to making this world a better place.

If you look at the topmost part of this page, you'll read: "I write because I find humor in the absurdities of daily life. Sometimes I feel sadness too, and I find I can write my tears away. I write when I'm angry and feel I must right a wrong. I write when I'm touched and want others to see beauty and gentleness. I write, as many others do, because I must." And that's how I honestly and personally feel about writing down my thoughts on whatever medium is available.  

So, it was with interest that I signed up for Blogapalooza, an event created by bloggers and digital online specialists who recognize the rising clout and influence that members of the new online media have. The gathering aimed to connect online influencers with businesses who'd like to have their stuff tried, tested, and blogged about. 

I had fun during Blogapalooza last Sept. 17 at Fully Booked in Boni High Street because I got to be with some of my blogger friends, meet some very nice business owners, as well as get first dibs on some of the newest and not-yet-very-known products, services, and other stuff that's already out in the market today that more people still have to know about and which we can share with our individual online networks.

Please visit this blog in the coming weeks because I'll be reviewing a lot of the new things I learned about and found to be quite good :) To know who were the sponsors of Blogapalooza, check out the complete list here.

Thank you and congratulations Blogapalooza organizers for the very successful event!

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