Friday, September 02, 2011

Krispy Kreme is Now in Alabang!

I remember the time when Krispy Kreme first opened five years ago in the Philippines. I heard stories about people lining up the night before the store opened so they can get first dibs on the famous donuts. I also recall the first time my husband bought Krispy Kreme in Megamall and he had to stand in line for a long time because so many people were waiting to be served. He told me how the staff gave them a donut each to munch while waiting for their turn. Now, that’s customer service!

Among my four sons, my second is the one who’s really crazy about Krispy Kreme. I can only eat one but he could finish two or more in a snap! He will always ask to buy a couple of glazed donuts most times we’re in malls where there are Krispy Kreme stores. Unfortunately, all those malls are located far from where we live.

So it was really good news when I found out the other day that Krispy Kreme will be opening its 24th branch in the south area and will be located very near to our place. Finally, I won’t have to go far just to get my son’s donut fix. Yey!

According to Mark Gamboa, Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme Philippines, the brand is one that Filipinos know well and love. “And given its success, we are very happy to finally open our first store in the South with the intent of sharing the delectable Krispy Kreme experience across the nation."

The newest Krispy Kreme branch is located in Festival Mall, Alabang where we regularly shop for groceries. Now, Krispy Kreme coffee and donut lovers won’t have to travel far just to buy a box or two.

I attended the store launching yesterday and was rewarded with a huge smile on my son’s face when I brought home half a dozen donuts. Sometimes, life can really be very sweet :)

*Krispy Kreme Alabang formally opens today, Sept. 3, 2011. For more information, please log on to and like their Facebook page.

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