Monday, July 04, 2011

Team Up Between the Philippine Azkals and Cortal SQR

Developing various kinds of pain is inevitable is one is involved in extreme physical activities such as sports. Athletes, most especially, need to overcome pain in the most effective, fastest, and safest way so they can overcome any body aches and win their games. 

Early this month, Cortal SQR announces its team up with the Philippine Azkals, the country's National Football Team. According to Pharma-Rex's President Lito Tadena, their campaign is anchored on the Azkal's battle cry 'We Believe' because it upholds Filipinos' determination to win. Likewise, the pain reliever's slogan, 'Sa Cortal SQR, Kaya Mo Yan' highlights Filipinos' resilience against pain and obstacles. Thus, the birth of the campaign, 'We Believe, Kaya Mo Yan'.
"We think the Team Azkals best represents what Cortal SQR wants to tell the public -- we can overcome pain to succeed," added Tadena.

I've often wondered how the team got its name and finally found out why. Ian Araneta, Forward, shared how much they underwent hardships and challenges before reaching where they are now. He described how limited their budget was and how little time they had to prepare for competitions. "Walang endorsements, allowance, at pagkain. Pagmamahal at passion lang for the game."

Team Captain Aly Borromeo affirmed how tough it was.  "There were ups and downs, We slept in dorms where you had no idea what's living or dying there. We stayed in the middle of nowhere. One of the reasons why we are called Azkals is we look for scraps of food."

The road towards the World Cup is not going to be easy. The team has to undergo not only emotional and mental challenges but also physical pains and injuries during their practice sessions and actual games. Neil Etheridge, Goalkeeper, explained that as they train everyday, they put their bodies on the line, "so we are very prone to body pain and injury. To finish the game, we need quick relief from pain."

Since Cortal SQR's new advanced formulation combines Ibuprofen and Paracetamol that promises pain relief ASAP (Alis Sakit, Alis Pain), the Azkals are said to be assured of body pain relief in less than 15 minutes to give them more time to continue training and gain bigger opportunities to give pride and honor to the Philippines.

Go Team Azkals! :)

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