Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yahoo! Philippines Rolls Out the Purple Carpet for the Inaugural OMG! Awards

We all have our guilty pleasures and I know a lot of people who really follow what's happening in the entertainment world. Good thing there's Yahoo!'s celebrity and entertainment news site OMG! where fans can access instant information with just a few clicks.

Last June 16, Yahoo! announced that there would be an OMG! Awards, the first purple carpet event that will honor the most-searched and top trending entertainment personalities who have reached cyberspace stardom thanks to fans who continuously harness the power of the Internet in searching for news of their idols.

The awards ceremony will happen this coming June 21. There are 72 nominees in 18 categories. Check out this list if your favorite celebs are in the running and vote for them now! Winners will be chosen based on popular search queries and polling methods.

The categories for the most-searched award include OMG! Celebrity of the Year and OMG! Major Impact, while the winners for Hottest Actor/Actress, Funniest Comedian/Comedienne, Breakthrough Artist Male/Female, Awesome Young Actor/Actress, Favorite TV Host Male/Female, Amazing Newcomer Male/Female, Coolest Singer Male/Female, Coolest Band categories and Designer of the Year will be selected through popular polls. The poll site is located at

The Yahoo! OMG! Awards night will be hosted by JM Rodriguez and Andi Manzano and will feature acts by top local performers including Someday Dream, Johnhoy Danao and Up Dharma Down, as well as appearances by popular Filipino celebrities. A purple themed fashion show will be presented by notable fashion designers Joey Samson, Jun Escario and Kate Torralba while “Cosplay Queen” Alodia Gosengfiao will live blog from the event scene.  DJ Chris Myk will host an after hour party later.

During the press con, we were entertained by songs from Johnhoy Danao (I regret not being able to take a video of his very nice song Kahapon) and Someday Dream. Here's the video I took of Rez Toledo singing the super popular Hey Daydreamer on his guitar.

According to Philippines Country Editor Mr. Erwin Lemuel Oliva, to determine the winners in each category, their editors will do a thorough trend analysis by assessing the percentage increase in the online searches to identify the most-searched Filipino celebrities. "From this short-list, readers will be asked to vote for their favorite,” he said.

The Awards show will be presented by Wi-Tribe with sponsorships by Ponds, Sunsilk and Clear. Pernod Ricard, producer and distributor of premium wines and spirits will be the official beverage sponsor. And in true celebrity style, OMG! icons are said to be escorted in luxury cars provided by Jaguar and Land Rover. Wow!

Ms. Arlene Amarante, Country Ambassador and Sales Director of Yahoo! Philippines explained to us that the OMG! Awards came about due to to the increasing popularity of Yahoo!’s entertainment site which was launched just last March. The site, she reported, has quickly grown to become one of the most visited sites on the web and receives approximately 682,000 unique visitors each month.

To be updated about the OMG! Awards event, make sure to tune in to Yahoo! Philippines’ Facebook Page or follow tweets from the purple carpet on Twitter. If you want to share photos with your favorite celebrities, go to this Flickr page as well.

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