Monday, February 07, 2011

Movie Review: Tangled

Watched TANGLED yet? Please do!

One of the first children's books I've ever owned was a Ladybird book about Rapunzel. I remember reading it over and over because I was so fascinated with the notion of a girl with hair long enough to span the height of a tall tower.

When the Barbie movie Rapunzel came out, I was very curious to see how the producers would adapt the story and was delighted at the new take on the familiar tale from my childhood. All these years, I have remained captivated with the story of the girl with the lengthy golden hair.

I didn't expect to see another Rapunzel movie that would enthrall me as much as the Barbie movie but Tangled had, and more. Disney definitely can weave magic in any story it chooses to put a new spin on.

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